Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March 26, 2008

On a computer at the public library in Morro Bay and I have 10 minutes left. Will post later this week!
Lovely run up to the top of Black Hill this a.m..... More mountain bike rides planned this week!
The Morro Bay State Park offered no real getaway from it all. This is what we are doing?! Kinda funny. RV's everywhere! Fortunately it is quiet at night. The bathrooms were somewhat clean, and even had dryers! Encountered a grump about the doggies. And we are especially conscientious about cleaning up after our (and other!) doggies!
Warmish day here. I am continuing to wear shorts, although I still need to wear a long sleeve t-shirt and fleece.
Next, gonna find the spot on the beach where we can let the doggies run free!

Friday, March 21, 2008

March 21, Friday

At last, online again!
Almost had a post on the 19th, but, in the learning curve of blogging, I lost my newly created post. Ugh.
Friday morning here.... kinda tired. This morning, our usual morning run of 4 - 5 miles felt good, but I was a bit sluggish on the up hills. No sheep in sight today. Beautiful morning.... crisp, clean air, blue skies, and even a bit warmer! Yaa!
Yesterday, we drove back to Aptos, outside of Santa Cruz, for another ride at Nisene Marks Forest State Park. Such a great ride! 22 mile round trip..... so, an 11 mile up hill climb before the glorious descent! 2500 feet of elevation gain.... lots of switch backs! We certainly are getting our hill work in!! Bob can write more about these rides, and runs... After a ride like that, I am pooped! I veg'ed out the rest of the day; laid inside the camper, and watched Oprah (yea, we have TV!).
Finally, the pledge drive is over! Is it pledge week everywhere? Yikes! We are enjoying the local public radio stations. Here, it seems the basic membership they are pushing is $120! Yikes! I am used to $45 or maybe $60! Is it because we are in a the well-to-do area of Monterey Bay?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13

Thursday morning...

We have now been on the road a full week! This is the first time we have had internet access, so only now checking email, or posting anything new! (I have written almost daily, but need to figure out how to import stuff from word documents!)
Here we sit in an internet cafe in Pacifica, overlooking the ocean on a typical overcast drizzling day! (and we left town for this?!) Actually, the weather has not bothered me a bit!!
Yesterday Bob had the pleasure of driving through San Francisco.... We took a few pix of the Golden Gate bridge before we crossed, then headed into the traffic chaos. I was not kind to my fingers.... It seemed like we were the only ones foolish enough to drive a camper through town!
Once we settled into our RV digs here in Pacifica, we took the bus, then BART into the city.
Hey, girlfriends.... I remember that area, cuz that was my intro to San Fran! We wandered around.... mostly window gazing, hoofed it through China town, into the Italian district where we had a lovely dinner at Pinnochio's. Hey, wasn't that the same place us girls went?
Being back in a major city, and riding public transport reminded me of my years of Chicago.... and how glad I am that I don't live in a city any more. Fun to visit, but all those people, all that stuff, the commotion, the traffic is just tooooo much.
In about an hour, we leave here to go Santa Cruz... hopefully we will have time for a bike ride. My legs were a bit twitchy last night..... after a couple of days "off" from those daily doubles, I need some exercise! Especially, after that pasta meal last night!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

'Twas the Night Before Departing...

What, am I nuts? Trying to get a blog going the night before our most excellent adventure? A month on the road!.....And I still have laundry to do, with packing, paying bills (ahead of time), cleaning, getting the house ready for a leave of absence.... oh, yea, and watering the plants!! Bob went out for his weekly Pilates class. I figure I can give myself some time on this computer before packing it up!
After a trying day of sub'ing (actually, after a solid month of sub'ing!) I am ready for the ROAD, but, more importantly, ready for warmer temperatures!