Monday, January 5, 2009

Mt. Bailey, July 2008

Yea, I know.... these are out of order, but I am just now getting around to learning how to get images to the blog, so give me a break!
Over here, to the left, that is Rupert, the delicate one, in the back pack. He is so CUTE!

At the top, we stopped long enough for pictures, hydration and nutrition, then started the climb down. Unfortunately, it was not a super clear day, due to wildfires..... A good hike..... 5 miles up, then 5 miles DOWN.... Ugh. My knees were ready for a rest after that....(and a beer, or two!)

4-Mile Lake campground

This is from one of our last camping trips of the season.....back in September. A gorgeous weekend....We were a bit surprised to see the number of campers; the campground was "closed", which really meant no one was there to collect fees, and the water had been shut off. One day we did a run around the lake (9 miles? maybe more..... we don't keep track!) That weekend we also were treated to a full moon...a lovely sight as the moon reflected red then yellow on the lake as it rose into the sky.

Day One of Spring Camping Trip '08