Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spring Break Camping Trip 2010

Oops, fallen off the blog bandwagon this winter and spring! But, school is out, summer is here, and I plan to spend more time on the computer!!! Really??!! Catch up on the blogs! Sell my art on my etsy shop! Post pictures! To start, figure I better look through all the pictures I took over our Spring Camping trip.

Day One. Do the doggies look excited to go?
We (or rather, Bob) decided to leave a bit earlier this year. We left town mid-February instead of waiting until March. It seemed like it had been a long and dreary winter, so we were ready for some warmth in the SUN! As everyone implies, it was a weird weather year all around, and all over. SO, as it turned out, our spring trip didn't really offer the sun nor warmth that we sought. Instead, the operative word was WIND! No matter where we camped, we were hounded by the wind! It's okay for a little while, but not so much when we wanted to simply sit outside with a magazine or book. Plus, the February departure was a bit early for any true heat. Too early for the desert flowers. However, just being away is always nice.... and great to return to some favorite camping sites. 

This is taken around sundown at Shoshone Hot Springs RV Park, about our 3rd night on the road. We stayed here for a few nights. The pool was fed by a hot spring, wonderful for a lazy swim. A decent network of trails in which to start our running/training regimen! And, showers! Wonderful for me, knowing we had lots of boondocking ahead of us, with limited water. Even though the camper has a shower in it, and we can use our water, when boondocking, we are on a strict water diet.... so whenever we do camp at an RV park, nothing feels so good as a long, hot shower!

Boon docking site, around Granite Pass in the Mohave Desert. A memorable night, for Albert, without warning, puked up his dinner. I happened to wake up and feel a wettish spot near my feet, and thought it was maybe just a wet spot where one of the poopies had been licking. Nope. Too big and chunky. To my horror, I saw that it was a big spot of puke! Ugh! Trouble is, when you are boondocking, you don't have a water source, other than what's in your tank. And, we didn't really want to use up that precious supply cleaning our sheets, nor do that at 1 a.m.! So, we stripped the bed, set out the sheet to dry, placed towels on the wet spot and went back to bed, keeping Albert down on the floor in his doggie bed. But, I am such a softie, after a little while, I hauled Albert back up to the bed, figuring he had nothing left in him needing to be let out!
We packed up the next morning. By the looks of the sky in the picture, the weather was not promising anyway. We headed to a laundry mat on our way South to Joshua Tree....

Our favorite spot at Bow Willow Springs Campsite in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, CA. We stayed here for several days. Last year to camp here was $7. This year it was $15. No improvements during that time. Only pit toilets, and water that needs to be boiled if used for drinking. I actually just stuck my head under the faucet there to wash my hair! Nothing feels so good as a clean head of hair after a few days of no shampooing! That, and to dry it in warm air! Ah... that first day was wonderful, for we finally experienced the warmth we were seeking!

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