Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday morning..... a week into our Spring Camping Trip. Sitting in a Starbucks just outside of Indio.... the past couple of nights we boondocked in BLM land off the Painted Canyon Road. Yesterday we explored that slot canyon hike, and I got a crash course on rock climbing! My knees and elbows show the result!
So far, cell phone reception and internet access has been nil! Out of Bend, we headed East, then South.... spending a couple of nights in the Mohave, then another in Joshua Tree National Park. Pictures soon to follow! More news, too! Not sure when we will have internet access again.... Bob is much more into boondocking this year... maybe cuz of all the bad economic news, and all our retirement funds evaporating! The good news is that we are finally in warm temperatures, our health is good (although my cold, or infection, still lingers!), and the puppies travel well, also enjoying the change of scenery!

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