Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We spent an uncomfortably windy night at this site in Borrego Springs. A giant hand shook our camper all night long.... would it have been worse to be on the ground on a tent? Yea, probably would have been blown away! At least, our laundry dried quickly that afternoon in the sunny wind. (Darn laundro-mat in town! Dryer ate $1.25 worth of quarters!) Overall, spent a lovely several days in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Folks are passionate about that place! Stellar visitor's center! Neat to read and learn about all these deserts that I have read about but not personally experienced before. (As, a kangaroo rat here can live its entire life without drinking any water! All those adaptions by plants and animals for a place that receives very little rainfall!)

This is our boondocking site in which I received nicely scarred elbows and knees due to that crash course on rock climbing (those 4 points of contacts should have been feet and hands!). Washed my hair in a 10 gallon bucket.

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