Friday, March 21, 2008

March 21, Friday

At last, online again!
Almost had a post on the 19th, but, in the learning curve of blogging, I lost my newly created post. Ugh.
Friday morning here.... kinda tired. This morning, our usual morning run of 4 - 5 miles felt good, but I was a bit sluggish on the up hills. No sheep in sight today. Beautiful morning.... crisp, clean air, blue skies, and even a bit warmer! Yaa!
Yesterday, we drove back to Aptos, outside of Santa Cruz, for another ride at Nisene Marks Forest State Park. Such a great ride! 22 mile round trip..... so, an 11 mile up hill climb before the glorious descent! 2500 feet of elevation gain.... lots of switch backs! We certainly are getting our hill work in!! Bob can write more about these rides, and runs... After a ride like that, I am pooped! I veg'ed out the rest of the day; laid inside the camper, and watched Oprah (yea, we have TV!).
Finally, the pledge drive is over! Is it pledge week everywhere? Yikes! We are enjoying the local public radio stations. Here, it seems the basic membership they are pushing is $120! Yikes! I am used to $45 or maybe $60! Is it because we are in a the well-to-do area of Monterey Bay?

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