Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March 26, 2008

On a computer at the public library in Morro Bay and I have 10 minutes left. Will post later this week!
Lovely run up to the top of Black Hill this a.m..... More mountain bike rides planned this week!
The Morro Bay State Park offered no real getaway from it all. This is what we are doing?! Kinda funny. RV's everywhere! Fortunately it is quiet at night. The bathrooms were somewhat clean, and even had dryers! Encountered a grump about the doggies. And we are especially conscientious about cleaning up after our (and other!) doggies!
Warmish day here. I am continuing to wear shorts, although I still need to wear a long sleeve t-shirt and fleece.
Next, gonna find the spot on the beach where we can let the doggies run free!

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